About the Education Department

The education department of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library incubates, develops and maintains a core roster of curriculum and educational programming.

Key areas of focus include the office of the American Presidency and presidential decision making.

Utilizing White House documents, photographs, first-hand interviews, artifacts and other treasures housed in our collections; we stimulate students to engage in creative 21st century learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.


Awards and Honors:

The Department created the international award winning Discovery Center at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Articles highlighting the work of the Education Department have been published in print and online journals such as Social Education, a publication of the National Council for the Social Studies, Blooloop, an online publication highlighting achievements in the themed entertainment world.  Additionally, the Department actively engages in programming for the Office of Presidential Libraries for the National Archives & Records Administration including programming developed for the Presidential Timeline and the Kettering Foundation. 


We also provide resources for educators and students of all ages including: 


  • Primary source based document curriculum units 
  • Workshops for educators and students
  • Specialized tours and workshops 
  • Innovative educational spaces
  • Onsite educational museum games


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